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Embrace Automation Solutions to Overcome the Current Industry Challenges

- Seamless Integration: Incorporate automation into your existing systems, minimizing technical complexity.

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- Cost-Effective Solutions: Maximize your budget and resources with scalable, high-ROI automation options.

- Robust Security: Safeguard your data and processes with cutting-edge security protocols built into our solutions.

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Globally 90% of industries have adopted automation (Microsoft report, 2021)

About Us

A team of spirited engineers, across domains, with decades of experience in Automation and associated technologies – IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Data Analysis.

We have come together with a mission to share our work experience and help businesses transform and optimize their operations by sharing our technical knowledge and expertise.

Planning to Automate your Industrial Systems – Challenge Accepted!

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Automation for Every Industry

Automation Solutions for

Power & Utilities

Smart Grid Automation | Grid Asset Maninteance | Remote Infrastructure Maintenance | Smart Metering | Workplace Safety

Condition Monitoring and Dashboards for Wind Turbines | Remote Monitoring and Alarm Systems

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Smart Grid Automation

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EV Cyber Attacks

Automation Solutions for

Mobility & Operations

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Fleet Management

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RPA Vs Robotics, &AI Integrations

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Inventory Tracking and Warehouse Management | Manufacturing Operations efficiency | Safety and Surveillance | IoT, RFID, and Sensor Integrations | Remote Monitoring | Fleet Management

Manufacturing & Industrial IoT

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Automation Essentials
(12-Series Guide)

Comparing IIoT, Industry 4.0 Tech

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Quality and Compliance Automation solutions | Industrial automation | Production flow monitoring | Production planning and scheduling | Supply chain and logistics

Condition Monitoring | Sensor Installations | Remote Monitoring and Notification systems

Automation Solutions for

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Smart Cities & Monitoring

Productivity Enablement | Workspace Analytics | Building Safety and Alarm systems | Predictive maintenance | Remote & real-time monitoring | Compliance Management

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EV Charging Network - Business Opportunities

Need for Slow, Affordable
Charging Stations

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Automation Solutions for

Smart Buildings - Tech Applications

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Oil and Gas &

Workplace safety | Employee safety | Remote Infrastructure maintenance | Emissions monitoring and reduction | Asset and Predictive maintenance

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IIoT Compliance Guidelines (Critical Applications)

Advanced Engine Health with Torsional Vibraiton


Automation Solutions for

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Leverage Our Expertise to Automate Your Business

Automation Consultancy

ISO Certified - IoT, Predictive Maintenance (PM), and Industry 4.0 -  Strategies, Tools, and Implementation Techniques specific to your industry.

Implementing IIoT?

One stop solution for all your automation needs. Reach out to us for Step-by-step guidance on Implementing Automation.

Custom Solutions Development

Solve your Process and Productivity woes with Business-specific Pain area analysis and implementing Automation solutions. 

Automating your Complex Business?

We're ready for the Challenge. End-to-End Design and implementation of IoT, PM, and Real-time monitoring solutions. Integration with AI and ML Models.

Trends, Insights, & Resources

Curated library of resources - whitepapers, case studies, & articles  for you to stay informed on the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies.

Stay Updated!

Educational content as applicable for Industry. Webinars and workshops, from beginner-level to advanced techniques and strategies.

Managed Automation Services

We take care of management, monitoring, and maintenance of your automation systems on the back-end, while you focus on core business activities.

Empowering you to focus on Core competency

Intuitive Dashboards (AWS) for you to monitor your automated systems. Added real-time reporting, analysis and notifications (E-mails & SMS).

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